Social Media Advertising Campaigns & Marketing

Embrace the power of social media to build your brand online.

Our Social Media Campaigns are able to target your customers who are already using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and other platforms.

If you’re not making the most of these channels, then it’s a massive missed opportunity.

Our organic social media campaigns will increase brand awareness, and deliver qualified leads to your website.

Our Approach

Each of our campaigns is divided into four stages:

  • Persona Identification
  • Creative Campaign Ideas
  • Content Creation
  • Evaluation

First we analyse your audience. We look at who they are and how they behave online.

Then, we’ll use this information to develop ideas for content that will appeal to them. Naturally, this includes actual social posts, but may feature on site content too.

Stage three is the production itself. All content is written in line with copywriting best practice – designed to compel your readers into taking action.

Finally, we analyse the results of your campaign, and make any necessary alterations to maximise performance.

If you have any questions about social media, and how we can help you deliver the results you need, just get in touch.

Case Studies

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