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Air France: Social Media Takes Off!


Organic Likes




Excellent Campaign

The Brief

One of the world’s most famous airlines, Air France, approached us with the aim of getting their organic social media content to take off across Facebook and Instagram.

This campaign would have a sole focus on organic social media, and so there was no additional budget given to us to boost any of the posts.

We were briefed that the content needed to be on-brand, yet still had to be amusing, inspiratiional, fun and topical. With this in mind, for some of the post, we drew on influence from popular culture.

Our Solution

We have a multitude of social media analysis and social listening tools at our disposal, and through using these we were able to create a comprehensive editorial calendar which also took into account popular topics and future events which traditionally drive significant engagement.

As we have already alluded to, some of the posts were based on happenings within popular culture, such as film releases, charity events and finales of hit TV shows such as Game of Thrones.

Having created the posts, which included suitable imagery, we entered these into an organic social media strategy, and set the campaign live.

The Results


Organic Likes

With over 15,000 engagements in just six weeks, this campaign for Air France was recognised as a considerable success.

As a result of our work, Air France’s organic audience grew significantly, which meant that they would have a considerable organic reach for future posts.