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We are The Source

A truly agile digital marketing agency.

Your goal is our goal. Whether you need to create a Buzz around your brand or need to focus on Lead Generation, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your target.

It doesn’t matter if that’s through SEO, PPC, or social media campaigns. Essentially, the method of delivery isn’t important – only the results.

This way of working, our unique take on an agile approach to delivering digital marketing campaigns, means that we’re able to achieve better and faster results.  This results is a boost in revenue and growth for our clients.

And we can do that for you too.

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Our approach delivers

We’re not interested in whether the goal is achieved through SEO, PPC or Social Media. The only thing that matters is your business earning a strong return on its investment.

Our initial analysis will determine the best way of moving forward.

More Sales

Our approach of focusing on your end goal, rather than the method of getting there, has proven to generate real results for our clients. It means more traffic, more conversions and more sales.

Faster Results

The Source operates a unique, agile delivery system which generates faster results in a much faster time-frame than your traditional digital marketing agency. We have processes in place to optimise campaigns in real-time, and maximise results.

Greater Efficiency

We embrace a flexible agile methodology which allows us to quickly identify methods which work, and put more resources behind them. As a result, this also means that we can re-evaluate those methods which do not work immediately – boosting campaign efficiency.

Our Clients

Our Clients

We’ve worked with a wide range of exciting clients, and produced some exceptional results for them. To demonstrate our knowledge and expertise, we’ve created a number of case studies for you to browse.

These show how results-driven we are. Every member of our team is committed to delivering excellence throughout the duration of your campaign.

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Our Team

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Mark Mitchell


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Julia Gabler


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Josh Mann


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Kirsty Feeney

Digital Strategy

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James Prideux

Digital Marketing

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Owen Radford

Digital Marketing

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Alex Humphries

Digital Marketing

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Andrea McGowan

Digital Marketing

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Duncan Stirke

Digital Design

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Matt Turner

Digital Marketing

Our History

You may already know a little bit about The Source.

We previously operated under the name My Social Agency. Our team has been working out of Leeds and London-based offices for a number of years.

Our decision to launch The Source brand was based on our evolution into a full service digital marketing agency, from primarily focusing on social media marketing to becoming experts across all channels.

By not restricting ourselves to one primary channel, we’re in a better position to achieve goals set out by our clients.

We have digital marketing experts who specialise in every channel. So whichever approach is best for your business is the one we’ll take.

The My Social Agency name (and website) still lives on as our boutique social media wing.

However, it’s The Source which is now our primary brand, and we plan to grow exponentially over the coming years.

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We drive leads, increase conversions and boost revenue for a wide variety of clients – through bold, innovative digital marketing campaigns. And we can do that for you too. Get in touch today and we’ll get started.

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