Social Media Advertising

Target your audience with exceptional precision on social media.

There’s no doubt you have potential customers who are using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram – perhaps all of the above.

And our social media advertising campaigns will help you find them, deliver your message, and drive them to your website.

Increasing sales in the process.

Our Approach

There are four stages to our social media advertising approach:

  • Build audience personas
  • Produce creative ads
  • Run ads tailored to your audience
  • Review and optimise our methods

So first, we have to get an idea of who your audience is – including which social media platforms they’re using.

Then we need to create the ads, using best practice copywriting and design techniques, tailored to your audience personas.

We’ll then run the ads, which are targeted with excellent precision to your audience, delivering a high-conversion rate and low cost-per-click.

All campaigns are then reviewed, and changes are made to deliver even better results next time.

If this approach works for you – great!

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to discuss your social media advertising requirements.

Case Studies

  • buzz,creative
    Lazy Dogz
    Increasing sales by more than 380% for a luxury slipper retailer.
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  • iCandy Banner
    iCandy: The iC Life Content Hub
    We created the iC Life content hub for iCandy, the leading pushchair manufacturer and retailer. Find out how this increased referrals from social media.
    view project

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