Marketing Automation

Convert your hottest leads into sales with marketing automation.

Automation means we can use powerful tools to engage with your audience and convert them into paying customers, all whilst saving yourself time and money.

Our expertise in this area allows us to do this on your behalf, in a way that maximises your return on investment.

What is Marketing Automation?

You know when you look at a product on Amazon, and they send you an email two days later trying to sell you that product?

That’s marketing automation.

Amazon has identified you as a lead. They know you’re interested in that item, but haven’t bought it. So they’re trying to entice you.

The email is automated. There isn’t an Amazon worker manually sending out those emails, it’s all done using tools.

Most of the time, a good marketing strategy involves hard work, skill, and good timing.

And occasionally, you can just let the machines do the work.

If done properly, this will boost efficiency, and drive sales whilst you focus your time and efforts on other marketing activities.

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Case Studies

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    Gated Talent: A new experience for recruiters
    Creating engaging motion graphics in the recruitment industry.
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  • buzz,development
    Xercise4Less: #Love4Fitness
    We shredded our KPI's for the #Love4Fitness campaign we did for Xercise4Less!
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