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Samsung & The Blue Cross: Help-A-Dog-athon




Virtual Dogs Adopted


Of dogs received medical treatment.

The Brief

Electronics giant Samsung did a good thing. A very good thing.

They decided to partner with animal welfare charities The Blue Cross and The Kennel Club, to help fund medical treatment for abandoned dogs.

A Facebook app was built that gave users the chance to “adopt” a virtual pet, and keep it healthy. You know – kind of like a Tamagotchi.

Every time a dog was adopted, Samsung would donate a vaccine to a sick animal.

We were tasked with building a social media campaign to promote this app.

Our Solution

We named our campaign the ‘Help-A-Dog-A-Thon’.

It consisted of an organic social media strategy, mainly on Facebook, that utilised both The Blue Cross and The Kennel Club Facebook pages.

Messages were delivered with a consistent voice, and optimised for maximum impressions and engagements.

A high priority was placed on getting engagements, as this is what would lead to more donations from Samsung.

The Results



Over 2,000 virtual pets were adopted by people who used the Facebook app.

And more than 23,000 engagements were generated throughout the course of the campaign.

This is the most important statistic, as it produced tangible results thanks to the offer made by Samsung.

So all those dogs were able to get the required medical treatment.

This is one of our favourite campaigns – as we were able to help make a massive difference to thousands of lives.

As a result of this strategy, many dogs were able to move into a happy home.