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Why You Should Spare No Expense When It Comes to Content

Last year I was looking for a job.

And for a writer, there were a lot of opportunities. Even though I limited my search to a single city in northern England.

There was just one (big) problem.

The majority of these jobs were low-paid, required minimal experience, and were essentially entry-level roles for University graduates.

Writers aren’t valued as highly as other skilled creatives – such as designers – because there are people willing to do the work for very little money.

As a business, you should ignore those people.

Hiring Cheap Writers Gets You Cheap Content

You can go and find a freelancer who will write articles at £10 a pop.

This is, naturally, very tempting. And once upon a time having a pool of these writers would have been a valuable resource.

You know your website needs content. These individuals will write content on the cheap. Sounds good, right?

But today you can’t just have content – you need to have good content. The difference between a freelancer charging £10 for a blog post, and an agency charging ~£100 an hour is the quality of the work.

And that difference is huge.

Now more than ever quality is far more important than quantity.

What You Get When You Hire a Content Agency

Agencies are focused on results – because that’s the best way to ensure a long-term relationship with a client.

Simply spending a few hours churning out blog posts, just to have something to publish, will not deliver results.

So here’s what we do:


Every piece of content we produce is part of a wider strategy.

Strategies are produced after a thorough analysis of your audience, so we can target them with content that provides real value to their lives.


Before writing, we undertake expensive research so that everything we say is accurate, useful, and engaging,

This helps build trust that your brand is an authority on whatever topic it is we’re writing about.


Then, we write. Focusing on writing a quality piece, rather than getting it done as quickly as possible so we can move onto the next thing.


The performance of a piece of content is reviewed, and if we spot any room for improvement, we will make the necessary changes.

Our way undoubtedly takes more time, and costs more. But it’s a worthwhile investment when you see the results.

And we absolutely deliver better results.

Investing more in content means more time spent on strategy, research and review – it’s not just about the writing.

Generic, 500 word blogs created with very little preparation are not going to earn organic visits, they’re not going to boost your brand awareness, and they’re not going to generate engagements.

It’s not worth the little money you would spend. You’d be far better putting that money into another channel, such as social media.

If you want a content strategy – then do it right. Invest the time and money into something that really works, and you’ll see massive benefits.

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