• agile marketing

How to get real, tangible results from your marketing activity.

A lot is made of what constitutes a successful marketing campaign. Whether it’s the impressions and engagements a piece of content has received on social, the number of leads generated or how many links a content marketing project has received from high authority domains, there are usually targets associated with each campaign.

How do you get the results you desire?

Firstly, it’s important to know exactly how you will define the success of the campaign. Is it the amount of coverage it receives? Is it the number of engagements or leads? With the vast majority of marketing campaigns, it’s about seeing a return on investment, which means that it’ll often be leads, downloads or something similar which are being tracked. Therefore, it’s vital that your tracking and reporting processes are both accurate and adequate, otherwise you won’t know how well (or otherwise) your campaign is performing.

When planning campaigns, many marketers follow the AIDA principle: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This means that your campaign follows four steps – it draws attention to the brand, product or service, it generates interest in the brand, product or service, it provokes desire around the brand, product or service, and then finally the customer is driven to taking action, whether that’s filling in a contact form, downloading an asset or making a purchase.

The AIDA way provides a framework to which to work towards, but the question is how do you decide on a method by which to grab attention and generates interest, desire and action? Not only that, but how do you get a return on investment from that activity?

Our Agile Approach

At The Source, we are hyper-focused on delivering results for our clients, and we do this by working with our unique take on AGILE and SCRUM. This approach allows us to test multiple channels quickly, and recognise which channel works best for the goal you are trying to achieve.

We know that every marketing campaign has a goal. That goal may be to generate a buzz around a new product or service, or it may be to increase the number of leads you’re receiving. We also know that in order to reach that goal, you have to be flexible, open-minded, and not just settle for mediocre performance from certain marketing channels.

With our approach, we are able to change channel if it’s under-performing, meaning that we can deliver better results, greater return on investment from your marketing spend, and in a quicker time frame than a standard digital marketing agency.

This way of working which we have developed has been successful over many campaigns, across a variety of industries, and we stand by it every step of the way.

To summarise, there are a handful of key hints and tips we would give on how to get real results from your marketing activity:

  1. Know your goal: What are you trying to achieve? What is the objective of your campaign?
  2. Assets: Are your assets doing your campaign justice? Is the imagery appealing enough? Is accompanying text persuasive and descriptive enough to inspire your target audience?
  3. Be flexible: Just because you think an approach is the right one to take, it doesn’t mean you should use it exclusively. Be prepared to try other channels, which may yield better results.