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Does Your Business Need a Blog? (Hint: Yes)

Everybody has a blog these days.

Businesses large, medium and small have been convinced it’s a necessary component of their website.

The problem is, many don’t understand why it’s so important.

And when you don’t understand why, you do the bare minimum. Install a blog, then post something every now and again.

We’re here to tell you why blogs are such an essential part of websites. No matter what your business does, it should have a blog.

When you’re aware of the positive effects it has – you’ll be more inclined to investing time, money and effort into making it the best blog in your industry.

Have a Blog Because Google Likes Content

You’re competing with everybody else in your sector for the top position on Google. Or the second position, or third.

Google likes websites that have good, informative content.

You probably have plenty already. Pages that provide information on your business, what you do, and how you help people.

But more is always good – as long as you put the effort into making it really, really good.

Rankings are not determined solely on content. But if you have a consistent stream of new blogs being uploaded, you’re sure to look good in the eyes of Google.

Have a Blog to Target Certain Keywords

Another SEO-focused point.

Is your website targeting every relevant keyword it could be?

Having a blog gives you another platform for content, and if this content is keyword-focused (i.e. based on information people are searching for on Google) – it gives you another opportunity to get on the first page of Google.

Which means more traffic.

And more potential sales.

So it’s not just about content, but well-optimised content that provides genuine value to your readers.

A keyword-focused approach generates real leads for your business. It’s not just writing blogs for the sake of it, it’s for a purpose.

Have a Blog to Boost Brand Awareness

You are an expert in your industry.

And you can make people aware of that, at least in part, through a blog.

Consistently posting articles that demonstrate your authority is a great way of boosting brand awareness.

If you do this, you’ll become a more trusted name in your sector. This is essential for increasing sales, and therefore revenue.

Writing for Google is important. But so is writing for actual people. It’s people who buy things, and they are who you need to convince of your quality.

By providing an excellent service, or offering an incredible product, you’ll naturally increase brand awareness – as your customers will become advocates.

Have a Blog to Increase Your Social Media Presence

Is your business on social media?

Building a strong following can be difficult unless you’re a huge brand.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

But one thing you can do to increase your social media presence is promote content you’ve written.

If people look at your social accounts, and see you’re constantly sharing useful blog posts, they’re likely to give you a follow.

And if those posts come from your own blog, they’ll send traffic to your website. Win-win.

There are lots of benefits to having a blog.

It’s well worth putting the time into doing it right. Writing high-quality articles on a consistent basis.

You don’t need to be publishing something new every day, but try to do so fairly regularly. Whether that’s once a week or once a month.

As long as it’s relevant to your audience, you’ll produce results.