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Gated Talent: A new experience for recruiters

The Brief

Gated Talent, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dillistone Group Plc, provide a global platform to connect the most experienced executives with the most elite opportunities. The launch partners of the site are expected to invite more than one million of the world’s most senior executives to join the platform, with only select recruiters being able to connect with them.

Our task was to find a way to effectively explain what this unique service was to both executives and recruiters. We knew that at the point of launch, GatedTalent would be exclusively available to users of just two CRMs: FileFinder Anywhere and the Cloud Executive Search.

The Solution:

To clearly introduce Gated Talent to their audience, we opted to create three engaging motion graphics videos.

These would be located in a prime position on the Gated Talent website, and in many cases, be the primary introduction to the company which users would have.

The motion graphics featured sleek silhouettes, which clearly explained the key points of the service, while also retaining the professionalism and equal representation which Gated Talent stands for.

The Results

The videos now sit in the welcome pages of the Gated Talent website, who have continuing plans for expansion. Their next step was to increase the availability of their services to more elite recruiters, which was planned for the second quarter of 2018.

"We were delighted with the animated content The Source produced for Gated Talent. It allows us to explain in a quick and clear manner how our offering can help different audience,s and was instrumental to a successful launch. Equally, we were very pleased with the quick turnaround time which allowed us to stick to strict deadlines, without sacrificing on quality."

Yann Le Leyour, Marketing Manager