Can We Use Social Listening to Determine the Winner of the Apprentice?

Social Listening is a pretty exciting service we offer here at The Source.

We began life as a social media agency. So being at the forefront of social media innovation is very important to us.

And our clients.

We use social listening for a number of things – including community management.

With the right tools, you can find what people are saying about your brand on various social channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This even extends to things like blogs and news feeds.

Social listening can also be used to analyse trends and hot topics in any particular industry, so brands can see what’s going on, and decide if they want to jump into a conversation.

As a little experiment, and to show what social listening is capable of, we picked a current topic to analyse with our social listening software:

The Apprentice.

The below infographic shows what we found:

TSApprenticeInfographic Can We Use Social Listening to Determine the Winner of the Apprentice?

So, can this data predict who the winner will be?

Probably not. It’s heavily-weighted towards, of all people, Gabby Logan’s 13-year-old son – thanks to a funny Tweet that took off.

Candidate Kayode was the second favourite, according to Twitter. Although that was followed by people Tweeting who reckon they could win it.

We also discovered there was no positive reaction to “Jet Pop”, a fake airline created by one of the teams in a recent episode.

This was a very simple demonstration on what social listening can do.

But the truth is, the tools we have are incredibly powerful, and can do a lot more for brands looking to up their social media game.

We’d be delighted to speak to you about this service. Our experts are always on hand to talk about how it can benefit your business specifically.

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