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CTA: International Social Media Strategy and Training


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The Brief

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, or CTA as it is otherwise known, is a joint institution operating under the framework of the Cotonou Agreement between the ACP Group of States (Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific) and the EU.

Their aim is to transform lives in some of the poorest parts of the world, across the African, Caribbean and Pacific regions, by increasing agricultural prosperity, encouraging natural research strategy and creating research and data focused strategies around the development of food and nutrition.

We were approached by the CTA to help establish an overarching social media strategy, as well as additional content strategies in native languages to the target territories.

We were able to create a training programme, expertly tailored to their needs, imparting our knowledge on how o use market research and data to devise their own individual strategies across numerous marketing channels.

Our Solution

Initially, we performed a detailed review of CTA’s social media platforms, and constructed a methodical and thorough content management plan, in order to ensure that messages which were being delivered were consistent across multiple accounts and platforms.

We also developed an internal communications plan and tiered training course for the staff, which would cover the full breadth of the social media strategy roll-out.

Our most significant challenge on this project was to ensure that there was a clear, structured plan for each individual territory, which promoted the messages the CTA wanted to put across, yet still retained its individual personality.

As you may expect with a project of this size and nature, a considerable amount of the work was undertaken on-site, at CTA’s headquarters on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

The Results


as CTA’s social media consultants.

Having implemented a complete content management system, provided a considerable amount of documentation on how to create a strategy and content marketing campaign, and having delivered multiple hours of social media training, CTA’s staff were now in possession of a working knowledge of social media software packages, and core practices such as audience engagement, influencer identification and infographic creation.